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There is no question that Batavia brings commercial stability to the Tri-City area of Fox Valley, contributing greatly to the community. As the host of Aldi's national headquarters and the local leading edge Fermilab, Batavia is quietly leading the charge for local industry. It's just one of many reasons why appreciate this village and support it through our local bathtub refinishing services.

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We are also pleased to do our part in keeping Batavia a thriving town by helping homeowners upkeep their bathrooms and improve the value of their homes, even as they age. Our services allow homeowners to keep their property looking fresh, even when their bathtubs, sinks or tiles are 10, 20 or 30 years old. With our restoration services, any bathroom fixture can look like-new in just one day.

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Our Services in Batavia, IL

Materials We Work With

  • Porcelain surfaces
  • Fiberglass
  • Cast Iron
  • Acryllic
  • Much more - just ask!

Our Refinishing Process

tub reglazing batavia il
tile reglazing batavia il

Step 1. Assess

​We will give you an estimate over the phone and then visit your property to assess the job more thoroughly - materials, damage and what it will take to fix your tub, sink or tiles.

Step 2. Prep & Repair

We take the time to protect tiles and furniture surrounding your fixture to ensure they are kept free from debris or damage. Then, we proceed with the refinishing process, is done in one day.

Step 3. Let It Settle

Letting our work settle for a specific amount of time is essential to ensure that the finish has cured and won't be damaged again during use. Our fixtures are usually ready to be used the next day.

Common Questions

How long will we be without our bathroom?

Usually just one day! Our refinishing process is typically a same-day project. Most of our customers are able to use their tub, showers and sinks the next day.

Why would we refinish when we can buy new?

Buying new will typically cost 50-70% more than restoring due to the extensive labor involved in properly removing an old fixture and installing a new one. Plus, when you factor in the demo damage and added order/delivery time, it's a much lengthier process than simply renewing your existing fixtures.

Can you restore shower tiles and sinks too?

Yes! We can repair and resurface tubs, tiles, sinks, and even countertops. To get the most years out of your bathroom materials and fixtures without overspending on home improvements, refinishing is an excellent option.

What if we want to replace the tiles around our tub?

We can handle both jobs! We'll refinish your tub and install brand new tiles in your shower or bathroom floor. We're equipped to handle full contracting projects as needed.

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Restore It Right

St. Charles Bathtub Refinishing Co. is a company that believes in refinishing tubs, tile and bathroom surfaces the right way...and there is a right way. Before starting his own refinishing company, our founder was the national trainer to refinishers all across the country. He brought his methods and standards to this company and uses it to deliver our customers a result that is second to none.


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