Bathtub Reglazing

You are going to love the way your reglazed tub looks! Here's how it works: Continuing with the theory that bathtubs are multi-layered like a sandwich or onion will help us explain the reglazing process. Historically, a reglaze meant complete stripping the bathtub of all the layers and reapplying the acrylic before baking it in a large oven.

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Some companies can still offer this service, although they are few and far between. In addition to that, it is a very time-consuming process to unhook the plumbing, remove the tub, transport it, and repeat for the install. These days, it is mostly done for antique claw foot tubs that have sentimental or historical value. For other types of tubs, we have a modernized system that is far more simple while providing a complete reglaze. It's a bit more involved than simply refinishing your bathtub, but a lot more affordable than a traditional reglazing process.

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tub reglazing st. charles il

Reglaze Layer

The heart of the onion, or the meat on a sandwich is representative of the reglaze layer. A reglaze requires the stripping down of the entire bathtub. This means that we will buff out multiple layers until we get to the bare bones of the bathtub. The mess will be substantial, and we may end up removing several bags of debris before we begin the reglazing process. However, this is a necessary step as we need to completely strip the tub down before we can expertly layer the bathtub on the way to the reglaze completion.

Complete Cleanup

Don't worry. Despite the mess a reglazing process can create, we are committed to a total cleanup. We don't believe in leaving behind a disaster, when we know our clients will be anxious to start using their lovely new-looking tub the moment we finish.


We don’t want you to go through the pain of having a bathtub completely disconnected and removed from your home. It is very time consuming, invasive, and a large inconvenience. Our reglaze is convenient and not invasive to your lifestyle. We will hardly be noticed, aside from the buffing process which can be noisy at times. When we begin layering the bathtub again, it will be a quiet and convenient process that will end with a tub that is practically new. Everything besides the structure of the tub will be completely new. This is the convenience that comes with our tub reglazing services.

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reglaze tub st. charles il

Safe and Secure

We are dealing with some complex chemicals that can be dangerous if not applied or prepared properly. Our experts know what we are doing and decrease the hazards of a reglaze by taking our time and being focused on the task at hand. We don’t want any problems to occur with our employees, the property of the homeowner, or the customer themselves. Therefore, we will never allow someone to perform the process until they show that they know how to safely handle the reglaze and are not a risk to themselves or others.

New Glaze, Same Tub

Don’t spring for the cost of a new bathtub because of some chipped or bubbling paint. Let us inspect the tub and see if it needs a reglaze. Our reglaze will completely restore your bathtub so that it is better than new. It will not leave your home or be an invasive process. Rather, it will remain in your home and be the bathtub that you have always known and loved. It will just undergo a valuable makeover that ends with the complete overhaul of every layer in the bathtub. Entrust us to do the reglaze and have a tub that is practically brand new.

Reglazing Service Locations

We perform bathtub reglazing services all throughout the West Suburbs and Fox Valley. Whether your home or commercial building resides in St. Charles, Geneva, Wayne, Batavia, West Chicago, South Elgin or North Aurora, we can certainly come out your way to repair your bathroom fixtures. Simply call us today to get a free instant quote and schedule an in-person inspection.

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