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Repaint, Refurbish, Recoat

bathtub repair St. Charles IL

Redo Your Bathtub for Less Than Replacement

Replacing an entire bathtub is a very costly project when you factor in the cost of the tub, the demolition in your bathroom and the installation. But repairing your bathtub is very affordable option!

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tub repair St. Charles IL

Repaint & Recoat

One of the most budget-friendly and least messy services we offer is bathtub refinishing, which involves fixing the paint and the outer seal. If you're tub is starting to chip, you're likely looking at a recoating service. If there are no other deeper issues with your tub and it's just become unsightly, this is an excellent way to give your tub a quick, affordable facelift.

Refurbishing & Resurfacing

If your bathtub is facing more challenges than just paint chipping, there might be wear and tear happening to your tub's liner. This is the middle layer of your bathtub, situated in between the paint and the acrylic glaze underneath. This is a critical layer to take care of because it protects the glaze deeper layers and helps your tub last longer. With our bathtub resurfacing service, we can repair the lining, paint and seal - all in the same project. It's a highly recommended surface because it provides that all important moisture barrier from the bottom glaze layer.


Some bathtubs are in such a state of disrepair that they need a total reglaze. The type of tub reglaze we are able to perform involves a more intense repair process that goes deeper into the tub's layers using heavy chemicals, buffering and an advanced glazing process. We only recommend this for tubs in severe condition, but the results are fantastic.

tub repair St. Charles IL

Mess Free Guarantee

Once our project is completely finished, we will turn your bathroom over to you in the same clean state we found it in...except with a newly repaired tub! Although the process of repairing bathtubs can make the room dirty, we are committed to cleaning it all up properly so you can start enjoying your repaired bathtub without delay.

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St. Charles Bathtub Refinishing Co. is a company that believes in refinishing tubs, tile and bathroom surfaces the right way...and there is a right way. Before starting his own refinishing company, our founder was the national trainer to refinishers all across the country. He brought his methods and standards to this company and uses it to deliver our customers a result that is second to none.


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