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bathtub resurfacing st. charles IL

The middle layer. The heart of the tub. This is the liner or the surface of the bathtub. It secures the acrylic at the bottom while providing support to the paint and sealant. This surface can also show wear and only an expert on bathroom refinishing can identify whether it has gone bad or not. Our inspections can determine which layer has see its last days and a bathtub resurfacing will be administered if that is what is found to be faulty. Since it is the middle layer, it can be less time consuming and messy than a full bathtub reglazing.

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tub resurfacing st. charles IL

Is it Necessary?

If it has worn, then yes, it is. A bathtub resurfacing is one of the most crucial layers in a bathtub. It holds the glaze in place and provides an almost structural support for the paint. If the paint and sealant fail, then the liner of the tub needs to hold off the water, so it doesn’t seep into the boards around the tub. Keeping a clean and organized liner is important and is done by having a bathtub resurfaced. This isn't a job to trust with a generalist handyman who arrives with a can of generic bathtub liner from Walmart; we will ensure the job is done right the first time.

Professionally Done

Our expert craftsmen are equipped and knowledgeable to complete a bathroom resurfacing in very little time. Your time is valuable, and we want to respect it by finishing the resurface quickly and accurately. Our expedient process will ensure that your bathtub is not only resurfaced in a timely manner but is also done for as low cost as possible. When you choose St. Charles Bathtub Refinishing for your bathtub resurfacing, you are choosing an established company who is very renowned and prepared to complete your resurfacing project using tact and professionalism.

What Does Your Bathtub Need?

To the untrained eye, it might be hard to recognize what bathtub issues you're truly dealing with. That's why you have us! We quickly determine exactly what issues your tub is facing and can recommend the proper restoration treatment to get it fixed and looking new again. A complete reglaze is rarely necessary except on the oldest of bathtubs, so we most often end up recommending a resurfacing type of process. Therefore, a proper bathtub resurfacing will usual solve your problem and lead to a bathtub that is like new with very little added cost in comparison to a reglazing. If you are confused about what you need, then our knowledgeable staff is ready to help explain the steps in more detail and describe what to expect.

st. charles bathtub resurfacing
resurface tub st. charles IL
resurface bathtub st. charles IL

How to Prepare

All that we ask of you is that the bathtub is easily accessible. There is no need to deep clean the bathtub or apply any sort of cleaner to it. It wouldn’t hurt to remove everything from the bathroom or at least ensure that your valuable toiletries are put away. Toothbrushes are highly recommended for removal given the amount of dust and debris that can accumulate in the bathroom. We will cover the bathroom as best as possible with sheets and plastic to keep the dust contained, but that is not a guaranteed shield from the dust particles because they have a way of scattering around.

Which Towns We Offer Resurfacing Services

Wondering if we resurface bathtubs in your area? Well, if you're located in Illinois' West Suburbs of Chicago, we probably do! Our projects happen all over the region and we have a lot of happy customers in St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, West Chicago, Wayne, South Elgin, North Aurora and throughout Fox Valley. Call our team to find out if we can travel to your property and get a quick quote.

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St. Charles Bathtub Refinishing Co. is a company that believes in refinishing tubs, tile and bathroom surfaces the right way...and there is a right way. Before starting his own refinishing company, our founder was the national trainer to refinishers all across the country. He brought his methods and standards to this company and uses it to deliver our customers a result that is second to none.


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