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With it's rich history, incredibly charming homes and historic landmarks like the Fabyan Windmill, Geneva Illinois is a true gem in the Tri-City region of Fox Valley. Geneva's hopping downtown, quaint shops and lovely homes make it a popular destination for both locals and out of state visitors, which is why we're proud to be an active part of this community.

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Keeping Geneva a popular town is, of course, about more than just good retail and entertainment - the homes have to remain in good condition and modern, regardless of how old they are.

So whether you're looking to restore a century old cast iron claw foot tub or repair a slightly dated, chipping porcelain sink, we're here to help you refresh your bathroom at up to 70% less than what you'd pay to replace these bathroom fixtures.

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Geneva Restoration Services

Common Materials We Refinish

  • Acryllic
  • Cast Iron
  • Porcelain
  • Fiberglass
  • Other surfaces, just inquire

The Start To Finish Project

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tub reglazing geneva il

Phase 1 - Inspect Damage

By answering just a few questions over the phone, we can usually determine the problem and give you a quote (we know our stuff). If need be, we can come into the property to look at the materials to confirm what will be entailed to repair it.

Phase 2 - Restore

Making sure to cover and protect surrounding surfaces, we begin the restoration process by repairing the surface and applying new finishes to the top layers so you have fixtures that look like new.

Phase 3 - Curing Time

The work is done, but your fixtures need time to fully dry. This ensures that no additional damage occurs by using the tub, sink or shower prematurely so your fixture remains fresh for the long haul.


How long does it take to refinish a bathtub?

We have a same-day process that allows us to start and finish on one single day.

Is it really cheaper than replacement?

Yep! The biggest expense of bathtub replacement is the labor; the demo, the installation, the cleanup. Not to mention the extra time it takes to order, receive and relocate the fixture itself. Because refinishing can typically be done in one day without special ordering and delivery of materials, it's a more streamlined project at a far lesser cost.

How messy is the process of reglazing or resurfacing?

Unlike total bathroom demolition, a refinishing job doesn't tear apart your space. We cover the area thoroughly to protect nearby surfaces so that the only item affected by our work is the tub, sink or shower itself.

When can we use our sink, tub or shower again?

Your fixture will typically be ready for use the next day. For the least interruption of your everyday routine, refinishing is the way to go.

What if we need other bathroom renovations, can you help?

Absolutely! While our flagship service is refinishing, we are also equipped to handle general contracting projects. Many of our customers trust us to handle tile installation and more.

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St. Charles Bathtub Refinishing Co. is a company that believes in refinishing tubs, tile and bathroom surfaces the right way...and there is a right way. Before starting his own refinishing company, our founder was the national trainer to refinishers all across the country. He brought his methods and standards to this company and uses it to deliver our customers a result that is second to none.


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