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We resurface acrylic shower linings and fiberglass shower stalls, as well as reglaze shower tile. Your bathroom shower can be repaired with our professional help!

shower refinishing St. Charles IL

Showers can receive the same treatment as bathtubs given their similar make-up. They typically have the same layers that bathtubs have and, therefore, are approached the same way. A shower that is independent of a bathtub will need to be lightly prodded with a sharp edge in a discreet area to evaluate what layer is peeling or bubbling up. The recommendation for what steps we follow next will be given during this initial inspection. We will always try to do the minimal possible to keep the cost low while ensuring that the shower is improved and prepared to last long term.

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shower resurfacing St. Charles IL


This is a process in which we fix the paint and outer sealant, which tend to chip the most. It will not expose deeper rooted issues associated with the structure of a shower, but it will provide a much-needed facelift for your shower. Guests will be amazed at the state of your shower following our refinishing, as it will appear like-new. This is the least messy of the three services that we offer. Although, regardless of which service you receive, we have a no mess left behind guarantee so that you don’t have to worry about anything and can enjoy your newly painted shower.


The liner of the shower sits in the middle, just below the paint, but above the acrylic glaze. It is the most crucial layer and can be very important in the longevity of your shower. A resurfacing involves the stripping down of all the upper layers and the liner. However, we are very careful about not buffing too deep and damaging the lowest glaze layer. We've got it down to a fine science. It's a tricky task that takes skill and experience, which is why we don't recommend entrusting this project with a general contractor. Resurfacing a shower that is chipping is highly recommended since we will already have that middle layer exposed when doing a refinish. A resurface is far superior since it assists with providing a moisture barrier from the bottom-most layer.


This step is highly intensive and requires the use of heavy chemicals, buffing all the layers out of the shower, and exposing the structure of the shower itself. We only recommend this for showers in extremely poor condition that need a complete overhaul. Otherwise, showers can almost always receive an exceptional improvement from a resurface. If a reglaze is required, then we will ensure that only our highest trained staff are present to apply the chemicals and expertly install every layer. This service will create a shower that is as close to brand new as possible.

shower resurfacing St. Charles IL

How to Choose?

Well, that's where we come in! We've been repairing aging bathtubs, sinks, showers and bathrooms for years so we know exactly what type of repair service is needed for every issue we come across. We can make a recommendation on which service is best for your situation before beginning work. More often than not, we recommend a resurface since it is only slightly more work than a refinish. A resurface will provide significant improvements to a withering shower and will create the impression of a nearly brand-new shower. Impress your guests with a glimmering shower while keeping the costs and hassle out of installing a brand-new shower.

More Than Showers

Did you know we can refinish and restore bathroom sinks, bathtubs, countertops and even remodel your entire bathroom? Your bathroom can get a total makeover for much, much less than a typical remodeling project costs because we will repair your existing fixtures instead of replacing them. Then, you'll have more funds to put toward new tile, new accessories, new vents or even a new bathroom window. Don't wait to freshen up that old bathroom or powder room! We'll get it done quickly, cleanly and affordably.

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If you need your shower restored in St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, North Aurora, Wayne, West Chicago, South Elgin or elsewhere in the Fox Valley region, just give us a call. We'll give you a general estimate right away and then come to your home or commercial property to inspect your shower in-person to provide you a more accurate quote.

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