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Bathroom sinks are one of the most utilized fixtures in a bathroom - we use them numerous times every single day. This also means that they are most susceptible to damage and wear.

The good news is, St. Charles Bathtub Refinishing Co. can repair bathroom sinks just like we do tubs and showers. Porcelain sinks or cast-iron sinks are both able to be improved by our restoration process. We can do a full reglaze, a resurface, or a refinish amongst other options.

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Sink Refinishing

Bathroom sink refinishing is a surface-level repair process that essentially involves a new paint job. With this concept, it is possible to repaint a bathroom sink with any variety of colors that someone may want. You don’t have to settle with a bland color. When we do a refinish, we will buff your sink down to the liner where we can repair it with an attractive color that really enhances your bathroom. We have experts in install, repair, and even design. Whether its a neutral tone or something that pops, our staff can recommend a color scheme that will match your countertops and bathroom cupboards so that your bathroom really stands out.

Sink Resurfacing

A full sink resurface is a bit more difficult to perform given the small size. This may be surprising since a smaller object would likely mean less work. However, it is more difficult to get in and buff the tight spots of a sink. We can accomplish it, however, it is not always a recommended process since it is more difficult to do than showers and bathtubs. If a sink needs it, then we will make sure that it is completed no matter the length of time that it takes. We want your sink to be new and clean since it is one of the focal points of your bathroom.

Sink Reglazing

A reglaze is intensive and requires hazardous chemicals. The process for a sink is slow and methodical given the fact that many sinks of very fine lines that are designed into them. We can do a reglaze on a sink, but generally recommend a full glaze only be done on vintage sinks or sinks with sentimental value. We will do the reglaze on any sink that a customer wants reglazed but think it best to devote the time on sinks with more value to them.

Multiple Bathrooms

A home with multiple bathrooms in it can require sink restoration to all the bathroom sinks on the property. We can knock out multiple sinks in one go and leave you with a uniformity around your bathrooms. If you desire to have colored sinks or just refinished sinks, we are equipped to complete the sink restoration in an expedient manner. Multiple sinks won’t delay us. We know that your time is valuable and we are confident that we can accomplish the sink restoration in a timely fashion, even when we are tackling multiple sinks.

And don't forget that we are also equipped to handle shower restoration and shower tile refinishing too. Our skills are not only limited to bathtubs and sinks. So if some of your bathroom fixtures are starting to show wear, give them a low cost facelift with our bathroom repair services.

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Where We Repair Sinks

Our bathroom restoration services take us all over the Fox Valley region. Whether you're updating your single family home, a block of condos or an entire apartment building with dozens of units, we're ready to help! We travel to St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Wayne, South Elgin, West Chicago, North Aurora and pretty much anywhere throughout the West Suburbs of Chicago. Call today to get a quote.

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